Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

Although you find moments to lighten up this week, particularly toward the top of the week, you may still feel a little broody and sensitive at the bottom of the week once Neptune retrogrades on Friday and Mercury has a showdown with Pluto. The Neptune retrograde is what’s peeling back layers of life like an onion to “well you up” of sorts. The Merc-Pluto showdown is what’s prompting you to stare at said onion like you know you probably shouldn’t.  Shouldn’t is probably a strong word to use here as it implies that it’s “bad.” It’s not bad, but you have to be careful about “staring” too long because you might find it hard to be on your grind.  But right now we have to trust there’s a cosmic reason why you’re staring into your core at all.

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