Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime: Although it’s become popular to say that “failure is not an option,” success is certainly is not promised and failure is certainly as possible as success with many endeavors. Fears of failure or not living up to your potential or hype might rest strong with you now.  But this is when I might take a page literally from fellow Capricorn and beloved British writer Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If,” on how to deal with the ominous threat of failure. He calls “triumph” and “disaster” impostors. I think you could benefit from seeing them that way too, at least for this week. Failure or disaster is no more the end of an effort than a period is the end of a thought. Same with triumphs. Stay focused on the truth of your expressions, not the punctuation marks.  If you think this way, then having a fear of failure is kinda like having a fear of periods.  Who cares? Carry on!


#Heartstrings: At least one clear hazard of a media driven culture is that we can become more fixated on what’s far and distant than what’s close and accessible.  Turn your gaze to what’s around you, my sea-goat friend, because it’s what’s close that will feed (and possibly satiate) your passions this week.  Toward the latter half of the week, you are more likely to appreciate the intimacy of someone close rather than far because you’re not going to have a great amount of interest in negotiating half-way points to meet or connect.  If you’re already part of duo, plan ahead about where you’re going to spend more of your time this weekend so you don’t feel harried by a lot of movement or haggling.

#MoneyMoves:  This is your last week of “freedom” before I suggest you get yourself to the next Grinders Anonymous meeting. I talked about failure above and it’s interesting that for some people, the fear of disaster or failure can be more motivating than the sweet nectar of success.  But I really do hope you’re working so hard in order to appreciate success rather than stave off failure. People who do good work and work hard to keep “hell” at bay have no great love for heaven. And I can’t imagine “heaven” being a place where people don’t love being there.  Grind for heaven, Capricorn.  Failure is a good way to muse about those awful contingencies you love to prepare and think about. But it’s no solid goal for that goody-good.