Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

It’s time for rehab.  And now that I have your attention I can clarify that I don’t mean that you’re on some Lindsay Lohan crash and burn course.  (I figured I give her a shout it since her birthday is on Tuesday.) I mean it’s time to rehabilitate what you got churning in your life emotionally, domestically and in the career sector.  I know that’s literally a three-ring circus to manage, but you’re up to it.  Let me tell you what you’re looking for in all of this, since when you think of rehab you usually think of being clean, healthy, sober, etc.  In this case, you’re looking for the truth—utter authenticity. And it’s not a naked truth that’s artless, functional and yet rickety like cheap furniture.  We’re talking about a truth that’s plain and beautiful, like a sturdy, simply made mahogany table. You get there by giving a little more credit to feeling comfortable rather than feeling all you need is to stay focused and be driven.

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