Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime: Cancer, your polarity sign, remembers, but Capricorn more than anything wants to be remembered.  As you finish Cancer season, you step into Leo and you may find yourself thinking more about your mortality.  For many, that may sound morbid. But for you, it’s the place where you think about how to find greatness, in the world and within yourself.  Keep in mind though that greatness and memory are all a matter of scale and perspective. It also depends on what’s important to you. There could be, for whatever reason, a million souls who could come to remember you for one night only or there could be a dozen souls who remember you for 10,000 consecutive nights. Which one becomes the accurate measure of your greatness?



#Heartstrings: New moons at the partnership seat of your Zodiac Lounge table are always good things.  It’s your golden opportunity to clear the air and renew what’s become stuck or stifling with your relationships. If you desire to be in a relationship, then this is also a time to set a deeper heart intention to radiate your readiness and openness to be in a relationship.  A Cancer new moon requires honesty in emotional “management.” Of course, the Cappy in you wants to focus more on the management piece than the emotional.  Management means that performance and productivity is most important. That’s a hard sell with emotions. The happy balancing act is when you recognize that caretaking is the better phrase for your emotions. Honor your feelings as they are and let them have their space in your heart to roam as long as those feelings don’t trample everything else.

#MoneyMoves Combustion in small, contained doses can be a really great thing. Like the first time I saw my granny take capsules of nitroglycerin to keep her heart going or the combustion that happens in a vehicle’s engine to keep it “fired” up. Last week, if you did your due Capricorn diligence and nipped any and all potentially explosive issues in the bud, you’ll reap the benefit of small combustible doses. You should be able to do a lot with the energy released from freeing pent-up tensions.  If you weren’t as diligent, then realize that you’re going to have to take time off your grind to contain emotional “fallout.”