Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime: As you push forward during Leo season to firm up your “legacy” for the year, this is a time when you feel more the tug and lure of the grind. It’s helpful that there are more freeflowing aspects this week than there have been in several weeks past. This bodes well for having some wind in your sails rather than you having to rely on blowing so hard yourself.  I don’t have to tell you twice to use these gusts wisely, but I may have to tell you this: have fun as well.


#Heartstrings: Objective is a funny word, because it can both describe something to be obtained and the impersonal space in which the thing is said to exist separately.  I’m pretty sure this word is a very useful word to a Capricorn.  The problem you might have this week is allowing both descriptions of “objective” to exist simultaneously and frequently.  And I’m not knocking either description separately; just don’t join them together too often.  You’re still in Grinders Anonymous, going for your objectives. But don’t venture too far into objective impersonal spaces with folks. Partly because you’re more a creature of emotion than some of you might care to recognize or know.  There are some signs, like your polarity, Cancer, who travel with their emotions, like swimming in water. Then there are signs like yours who rise and fall on your emotions like a boat in a canal. So don’t distance yourself from your emotions. You need them to reach your…ahem…objective.

#MoneyMoves:  If you can stay rooted in your center this week, there’s a great amount that you’ll be able to do. Your center is your commitment to evolve, not necessarily just your worldly short term or long-term goals.  Or said another way, it’s like asking a college freshman on her first day of school what she wants to happen four (or five) years from then.  A diligent freshman will say she “wants to graduate.” A wiser freshman will say “to be educated and a better person.” The two are not the same. One testifies to the expediency of a goal and another holds space for growth as a person. Stay committed to what helps you grow this week, even if it’s a little rest or something else that makes your “goals” a little more complicated.