Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime: Just before the Leo full moon this week, the moon goes through your sign and hooks up with Pluto, who’s been in your sign for a few years now. As the mythic lord of the underworld, Pluto is all about the resources and parts of ourselves that we tend to forget but must remember in order to rise to the surface. This holds a powerful lesson for you to recover sense of yourself that has been lost. I suspect, since we’re talking about the moon, that it’s more of a certain rawness that you have to get back. You’re a creature of sophistication, but sometimes that can get in the way. It’s similar to how oil painters may talk about going back to watercolor to get the challenge of control they felt when they were younger or even children. Connect with the basics, somehow. You don’t have to stay there, but it may help you reach higher heights.


#Heartstrings: Venus is going to go into your polarity sign, Cancer, next week. So now she’s packing her bags up after traveling an unusual time of four months in Gemini.  Although you’re likely to keep some of your membership in Grinder’s Anonymous, you’re probably feeling the tremors of change, particularly in how you relate to others.  You might feel some of your storied focus on busyness or business compromised, wanting more time to play or feel some down time.  You’ll push through most of it, because that’s what you do. But be sure you don’t push too many people away while you push through. You may come crave more of their attention than you’re even willing to admit to yourself.

#MoneyMoves:  With this full moon in Leo this week, when I think of you, I keep thinking about this one scene from the movie “Troy.”  If you’re determined to have a legacy, then it requires some of the lion-hearted courage of Leo. And, of course, you want people to remember your name. It’s always a measure of scale for you, however.  You might have this reputation for super-ambition, but I think people mostly get that wrong about you.  You want the right people to remember your name. For some of you, it might matter most that a relative remembers you. For others, you might want millions to remember you. This is an excellent time to reach out for those right people, whichever ones they are.  It will take heart and daring, risking the vulnerability of defeat and failure that you manage so meticulously. There’s only so much you can manage before you just have to go for it!