Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

There’s something about Drake’s “no new friends” philosophy that irks me. Maybe it’s because he sounds like a closed-minded Scorpio. Or maybe this week you might think he’s a bit right.  Within the month, Cap, I think you’re about to go into a better sphere of influence with your career, rising a bit more to the top like cream. You might have some folks, friends, posers, associates or even fair-weather fans, who might see you as their life raft and want to float on top of you.  I’m not encouraging suspicion or to be as tight as “no new friends,” but you may have to start being a more careful about the company you keep.  Someone, either dear or significant enough to be close to you, is going to show you his or her ashy bottom soon.  It might sting when they do it, but let him or her be a lesson rather than a cause for you to steel yourself from all folks.

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