Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

This week will be interesting because you’re going to have to strike the right balance with play and work. Play won’t be just to rest, reset and recharge in this case though. Play also gives you time to wrap your mind around thorny, philosophical issues on howto move forward. You might like to kid yourself and think that life is a series of action steps that you plan out and then execute.  But we both know you know way different.  Yes, this is the moment when I remind of you that whimsy is in the name Capricorn, like caprice or capriciousness.  Plans are important for getting you up the mountain, so to speak, but you might have decided to climb up on a whim. Play often speaks to your oft-hidden whimsical nature and allows you to speculate with models of reality that you can shape and mold with greater effort later.

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