Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime: Right now, Uranus, your personal gateway to the genius within you, is retrograding. I imagine that sounds messed up and you could translate that as my saying, “Your inner genius is ‘retarded.’” Um, no. Nothing could be farther from the truth. (Besides I use the phrase ‘developmentally delayed.’) With the moon teaming up with Uranus at the top of the week, I’d rather say that your genius needs two things: some TLC and to review the fundamentals of whatever sets your genius flowin’.  For me, for instance, it’s getting back to my birthplace city. When I can’t do that, I do some writing about home. So what’s “ground zero” for you?


#Heartstrings: Venus goes into Cancer on Tuesday and the next day Mercury stops his retrograde dance.  That pretty much means that you’re going to have a week when you’re giving a little more priority to significant others than you might normally plan. Last week, we talked about how Venus in Gemini helped with your busyness and business.  Now, with Venus in your partnership sign, Cancer, you got to put some focus on relating. I’d start with doing a lot of listening first.  And I don’t just mean listening to another person. Also take the time to listen to how you’re listening to someone important in your life. You’re bound to discover ways to relate better.

#MoneyMoves:  Mercury moves ahead in Leo this week, your sign of legacy and how you experience the wealth and bounty of others.  This could be an auspicious time to either nab a deal or to sell (or bequeath) something you’ve been attempting to let go for awhile.  It’s also a good time to make an honest assessment of where you may be diverting resources on things that no longer give you pleasure or things you’ve maintained that are outmoded or no longer needed.