Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

You’re always dubbed as “the safe bet” of the Zodiac more so than “the safe bettor,” but you’re actually both. You’re not as risk adverse as somehow you’ve been made to be. You’re just more likely to stick to fundamentals than pay attention to other factors that are not so, well, fundamental. For instance, if you have a coin that has a head & a tail, then, unless it’s a weighted coin, you know it’s 50/50 chance of either landing, whether it’s dubbed your lucky coin or not. (You’re smart enough that a lucky coin is always dubbed that after successful bets. Um, not before or because of some other non-fundamental, sentimental reason.)  So you’re good for taking a few risks that you’ve wanted to take for a little while…if, of course, you stick to the fundamentals.

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