Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime:  I know a certain Gemini who loves to twirl when she encounters something that gives her glee or life. Even if twirling isn’t your thing, you may find many reasons to do something “twirlish” to celebrate not just the holidays, but the close of an interesting year.

#Heartstrings: Lovers, friends, or family who hang with you may need fleet-footed shoes (or sturdy soles) to keep up during this busy month. You might also leave folks at home if they want to cozy more than be mosey. Might be easier to chill after the 17th.

#MoneyMoves: Also, after the 17th, be careful that your mouth doesn’t write “checks” that your body, mood, or bank account can’t cash. Go more for ventures and expenditures that are realistic rather than idealistic then. After Christmas, you swing a little wilder and wider with some projects you’ve put on the back burner.

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