Over the last year, you’ve probably sensed some big changes on the horizon.  Perhaps you’ve even experienced a few notable changes with all the eclipses that have been happening over the last year.  But with the Big Daddy cadillac of planets about to roll up in your sign this year, Jupiter, things are going to be all the way livelier than usual.  This is a big year for personal development, career and intimate relationships. The top part of the year is likely to be focused on getting things straight in your immediate environment or at home.  You have to make room for the expansion likely to come in your life.  This clearing out could range from full on scrubbing of your actual home to getting rid of the random stuff you’ve collected over the last year or so.  You’ve probably already gotten rid of a lot as you’ve been real sensitive to the eclipses through 2011.  But now it’s time to get to the bottom of the closet, so to speak.  Then about a month before your birthday, you might be a bit more anxious and excited at the same time, like how some people describe the day before Christmas or a big birthday.  You may not know what to do with yourself.  My advice: go learn something, anything.  It doesn’t even matter if you may never use the 1st 10 numbers you learn in Korean, because it does two things: calm your nerves and strengthen them at the same time.  To be sure, this whole year long adventure with Jupiter is gonna be about learning more about yourself, the world around you and what you need to be a better lover, worker, and learner. One thematic lesson will be deepening your empathic understanding of folks who can’t manage or manipulate “data” as fast or as well as you.  It doesn’t mean that you’ll always be patient with the slow-to-the party folks as much as you’ll be faster and clearer at conveying what needs to be communicated and understood.


The last eclipse of 2011 on December 10th in your sign is bound to have some effect on you for most of the winter. You do have some hints as where to look for changes.  The Mercury retrograde at the two last eclipses in November/December 2011 clue us in on the fact you’ll be retracing the steps of whatever you were dealing with around then.  If you signed major contracts, started sigifnicant relationships or agreements or just said some off-handed remarks, this is likely to be a reckoning and review time.  This doesn’t have to be bad as much as a time to set things straight as you prepare to move forward. With Mars, the planet of action and self-definition in your home/family sector, it’s also a great time to get a jump on spring cleaning.


Spring saunters in like a confused lamb that’s lost its way for you except you’ll feel crystal clear in a lot of ways. It may appear everyone around you is in full drama mode— mixing up details and looking to get in arguments over stuff you could care less about.  Just remember though that because you don’t get it doesn’t mean that it’s not something worth getting. The trick is not getting caught up in the mechanics of the communication or issues you’re having. Tap into your intuition before you attempt to work out logically what someone is talking about. Mercury is retrograde at the start of spring and clustered with the Sun and Uranus.  That spells “ego trippin’” for a lot of people as Gemini Nikki Giovanni put it.  So don’t you be the one caught out there with it all.


Big Daddy Jupiter has rolled into your sign and you’re likely to feel mighty nice. (It helps to have Venus, the planet of pleasure and beauty, decked out in Gemini glory for longer than usual too with her retrograde disco dance.)  This is most definitely a time to put your best foot forward as people are ready to recognize how fly you are.  But here’s the downside to having the Big Daddy cadillac of planets parked along side your ego: you start to floss and show out rather than let yourself be seen. There’s a big difference, so be prepared to check yourself.  This isn’t just about your dealings with other people.  You may attempt to overextend how much you can accomplish and you may not give the best estimate of how you can meet deadlines or be on time.  You also are charged with the task of being more patient with the foibles of others now as they are with yours.  You feel turbocharged and that’s awesom. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else is running on an empty tank and with flat tires.  Be extra mindful of the simplest things, like manners, appreciation and having fun.


Your heatwave from the summer extends into the fall, so this is an excellent season to accomplish a lot.  Not only are you expanding your Gemini wings and flitting into all your favorite things, you’re also able to do it with more verve and persistence than normal.  The challenge will be maintaining that focus into the latter half of the fall as Saturn heads into the Scorpio.  If you’ve been negligent or cutting corners especially during the summer, it’s gonna catch up with you now.  If you’ve been on the straight and narrow, then you might experience some routines in your life as tedious; but you have the creativity and the mental energy to keep it lively.  If you run into snags with folks, especially, in the workplace, concentrate on using the three C’s in this order to find a work around: compassion, creativity, and charm. Compassion will get you the farthest and prompt the most personal growth.  Your charm is the last resort as you’ll get results, but you may not be able to be as forthright about where you stand and what you want.

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