Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)
At the end of the week, we move into your polarity season, Sagittarius. Duality and polarity are things frequently discussed when Gemini crops up, but what that ulti-mately means isn’t usually fleshed out. When your polarity season crops up, it prompts you to face or engage the aspects of yourself you rather not deal with or all those things you’d rather push away from you because you don’t want them to “be you.” With the Sun in Sagittarius now, you don’t want to talk a big game; you just want to play the game. You want to be on the go, not think too deeply about what you have to let go. It might be helpful to think why you’re holding onto something that you know has come toward an end. Most often it’s fear that keeps us in a hold-ing pattern, but it also could be grief.  Only you can decide which is in play.

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