Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

Last week your patron, Mercury, was all about tightening ship. Hopefully you didn’t get too tight in the process as well. Because with this new moon in your opposite sign, there are clear markers that it’s time to move on and up. But, again, it’s Mer-cury that’s going to show you the way.  Near the weekend, Mercury gets in a staticky convo with Neptune about things. That translates as some tomfoolery with commu-nication, but Mercury’s also pointing his gnarly finger toward your imagination and creativity. It seems that once you’ve embraced the sense of loss or losing you’ve had, there’s something else new that can crop up now that fosters more creativity and innovation. Some of the greatest treasures of the planet, like the Taj Mahal, ar-rive out of grief and loss. I would suspect we could see an important thing or life di-rection emerging from you.

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