Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)


#MeTime:  Gemini Lauryn Hill once said, “This life is a process of learning.” This week is a time to pay attention to your process and the learning. It’s a time to reflect on what or how you learn and broaden your scope.  This could go down as something like cooking or enjoying a new dish from a distant land that you also have to learn to pronounce. Or you could change up how you’ve been learning something by reading if it’s not clicking fast or thoroughly enough for you; you might benefit from another method like a video or audio recording.

#Heartstrings:  The one “vice” that I’ve never seen some kind of public opinion campaign against is the act of exaggeration. This week you might feel like there should be one. Or others might feel that you should be the poster child for it.  Most times, you like to stick to the facts and appreciate when others do the same.  But your sign’s patron planet, Mercury, is hanging too tough with Jupiter, the planet of grand storytelling now, so it might have problems with separating fact from fiction.  Again, it doesn’t have to be you who’s making the dramatic interps out of two-step antics. But everybody, especially you, needs to keep a light heart, so the facts don’t foil the fun or the fictions spoil the facts.

#MoneyMoves: As Neptune, a planet that usually turns everything it touches into a Rorschach test, spins into your career sign, Pisces, this marks a turning point for you when some of your goals and ability to achieve them may seem a little murky.  Don’t take this too much to heart.  It’s a time to re-envision and allow yourself to seek inspiration rather than holding on too tightly to how you think things should go.  In fact, how you get ahead right now ain’t all about schemin’ and planning. It’s a great time to pay attention to your dreams and your hunches.  Your grandmama’s dream book has a lot more to offer now than just some lucky numbers.