Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

#MeTime:  We are officially within what’s called the “Shadow of Mercury Retrograde.” I know it sounds scary, but it only means that we’re about a week from Mercury going retrograde.  Mercury is the patron planet of your sign. When he starts doing the celestial moonwalk, it usually means that it’s time to pay more careful attention to how you connect with folks. It’s also time to slow down some, though you may not feel like you can do that. The best way to handle it is to revisit the things you thought you were finish with, including books, and to catch up on projects, at work or home, that you shelved.


#Heartstrings:  Mercury might be gettin’ ready to go retrograde, but that doesn’t mean that your heart has to be.  Your emotions are a lot like a water balloon this week: full, easy to burst and bound to make things a little bit messy if there’s even a lil tear.  So you’re right to be careful, but that’s no reason to be too guarded or pent up.  You may not be feelin’ someone demanding that you talk about your love, but you may convincingly show how much you love someone as the week continues.

#MoneyMoves:  This week could be an emotional rollercoaster for your relationship with money.  And let’s be clear: everybody has a relationship with money.  This week might start off with you feelin’ good about money, whether you feel you have enough or not. Then as the week gets long, you might feel insecure about whether your money loves you back enough.  This is where usually people spend money on something that makes them feel good rather than something that keeps their money digging them.  So head it off at the pass and have a talk with your money.  Spend money on things that make you sexy to money: your passions and interests.  They’re likely to keep money coming back for more.