Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

#MeTime:  Mercury, your sign’s planetary patron planet, is gearing up for a soft “collision” with the Sun this week to do something astro-folks call a Superior conjunction. This signals a time to reset your perspective and attitude on things.  You may need to set aside some projects or people you’ve gotten too caught up with to have a clear vision of what’s going on.  So do that brilliant Gemini thing you do and get out with a different crowd or reach for a completely different set of books, magazines, or other media to get some fresher insights and thoughts on tap.


#Heartstrings:  There’s a lot percolating beneath the surface with your peeps now, so don’t be surprised by some passive-aggressive behavior now or where you sense there’s a lot unsaid.  Truthfully, some things are better left unsaid, like the things that are better felt or shown.  Words can get in the way.  The start of Saturn’s retrograde this week may slow your roll on the romantic front. Don’t get too anxious about this, though. Sometimes you have to take your time to really see or feel what’s going on rather than what you reason is going on.

#MoneyMoves: As Neptune settles into her glitter bomb tour of your career sign, Pisces, this week you can expect to feel like both a minor celebrity and clueless at the same time.   (Unless, of course, you’re a major celebrity, like #Gemini Prince.) You feel like a celeb-in-training because you might feel that the only difference between you and a rock star in your chosen field is that more people don’t know about you yet.  There’s a lot of truth to that, but discovery is rarely as long lasting if there’s not some work, preparation and some strategy involved.  If that’s not what’s poppin’ off in your mind, then this would be the part when you look clueless.