Gemini [May 21st to June 20th]

I sometimes wonder, Gemini, if you feel sad when some of the chaos described last week comes to an end, or if a part of you feels sad. (I mean, after all, aren’t you a sign of multiple sides? Not to be confused with ig’nant folk who think you have multiple personalities. Boo!) And this side that laments the loss of the chaos may have every reason to do so since Mercury retro ends on Sunday and Mars bolsters everybody’s drives by going into Aries. Maybe you miss the thrill and “riskiness” of how you’re going to figure everything out.  Now that you might have figured out a way to keep everything together that doesn’t mean you have to lose that edge.  You don’t have to keep a small mess as a memento either. But you could wonder how your newly, neat bundle of accomplishment relates to other messy ideas you have lying about. 

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