Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime:  Last week you were an electrical turbine; this week we learn more what’s been keeping the turbine going: raw emotional energy.  The 4-part harmony chorus concert that Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Pluto has lined up is all in your emotional centers, Gemini. And it’s powerful!  Astro-wizards always talk about your intellect, but we don’t give as much attention to the emotions that brim beneath the surface for you. Now the force of your emotions becomes so strong for you that’ll be hard to ignore them. So don’t.  Let them out cuz they can flow with great clarity and genuine understanding now.


#Heartstrings:  Tears for Fears, an 80s pop group, had a #1 song called Shout that most people saw as just a really cool song at the time. (Now it’s a really fun song to belt at Karaoke, but I digress.)  However, the ideas of the song were based on an actual form of therapy called Primal Therapy, based on the work of American psychologist Arthur Janov.  The goal is to scream and shout (shout, shout, let it all out) for emotional release.  Okay, it might not be cool to sound off on loved ones with screamin’ and carryin’ on, but you don’t have to release all your powerful emotions on them. The key thing is just getting it all out in some way that doesn’t blow out ear drums.

#MoneyMoves: Although it’s generally true that you shouldn’t let your feelings guide your financial decisions, I’m not of the opinion that you shouldn’t have your feelings involved in your business decisions.  There’s a reason that Feng Shui practitioners say that you should have a fountain or something with running water prominently. It’s because the water symbolizes energy in flow and that’s what your emotions are. When your emotions are in flow, then so can your money.  It’s when your emotions overwhelm you that you can lose sight of the big picture with your money.