Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

If ever there’s been a week to be a “Gemini” in stereo surround sound outside of Gemini season, I think this week is a good candidate. I see you chatting, schmoozing with folks and streamlining the chatter of social media, email, phones, etc. in your life. You would think that more of this could or should kick off near the weekend; but it looks like it’s better to take advantage of the Gemini juice that’s flowing your way at the top of the week. On the weekend, it’s best to be in decompression mode. But you’ll have to keep your antenna more attuned to the vibe of the people around you than what’s being said. Might be annoying, because you usually find it harder to trust your intuition more than using your reason to sift through what’s being communicated on the surface.

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