Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

#MeTime:  Now that the emo-turbo overdrive of the 4 planet chorus from last week is over, life seems to be normal…for a few days. And then life takes on a different flavor. (Diversity and change—just the way you like it, most days.)  There’s no one size fits all advice or solution when Mercury, your sign’s patron, goes retrograde, except to say slow down and don’t feel bad about having to retrace steps (with yourself or with other people). Of course, this has the danger of bringing up old feelings or summoning boredom for you, but sometimes you gotta choose between tedium and getting tee’d off.  up by surprise.


#Heartstrings:  As Mercury retrogrades, he’s heading toward something we astrologers call an inferior conjunction. Some astro-wizards actually hate that phrasing cuz it sounds like a judgment call. All it means is that Mercury is about to “back glide” into the Sun. When this happens you can’t think as clearly because your reason could be blinded by your ego. So if you find yourself in the heat of an argument with somebody, take a chill pill, even if you’re stone-cold in the right.  Your ego sun has you on blaze.

#MoneyMoves: Last week’s emo-burst was to clear the air internally and externally for you. And though you may feel like it’s time to move forward with greater force in the career sector, I’d advise to put that on pause. The new moon this week is more a time to clarify your intentions than push too hard for them. It’s hard to avoid looking pushy or selfish, even when you’re not attempting to be or just the opposite.  Take your time and trust that in about another three weeks, you can focus in better on the goals and ideas you have on deck and have people better hear you out.