Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime:  You’re electric now, almost literally. With Mercury, your sign’s patron planet, and Uranus, the original planet of shock and awe, clutched arm in arm in the ebony sky, you act as a conduit for ideas, energy, and activity now.  That’s gonna have you all amped up, within and without, this week.  In fact, the without might translate as some wonkiness with electronic devices too because you got so much energy, literally, surging through you. It’s not an ideal time to buy or make serious software updates with technology. Take some extra time with your plans to anticipate problems along those lines as well.


#Heartstrings:  I wish you could make simple business cards this week that only read, “Keep up.” Kicking off the week with Mercury and Uranus in harmonious relationship to the Moon means that you’re feeling primed to inspire, incite and ignite, but you may not have a lot of patience for those who want to get too wrapped up in their feelings, the past (which literally could be only an hour ago for you), or the intricacies of somebody else’s business, including yours.  This makes it hard for intimates if they’re coming from a tighter heart space. If they’re open and ready to be lighthearted, then they’ll be able to keep up and that’ll be one less card you’ll have to give out.

#MoneyMoves:  With Mr. Abrupt Uranus juicing up Mercury, lemme just say that impulse shopping is not your friend now. I say this because basically Mercury is about to go into flip mode next week. (Otherwise known as Mercury Retrograde.) So as he retreats away from Uranus, you may have to return, reconsider or “re”- whatever you buy now if you don’t give it enough forethought.  It would be better to spend money in some way that builds up your clout or networking potential.  Also, talking with a colleague or mentor may help you make a breakthrough with a problem on the job.