Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

Although the week starts off with April Fools' Day, there’s not too much that's funny about this week for you.  The week kicks off with the moon in your polarity sign–Sagittarius–so the week feels in some way larger than you or too much to handle. Okay, that’s common for many people on a Monday, but this feeling could drag on to Thursday, at least.  It’s as if you have trouble catching up with yourself. (And I know, you’re supposed to have the power of 2 as a Gemini, right?! Yeah, no dice. Doesn’t seem to matter this week.)  But when you finish slugging through the week, there is something to look forward to besides the weekend:  There may be an extra gust of desire and energy to make more traction next week. Thankfully, this gust could also help on the romantic front too.

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