Gemini [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: With Mars taking the brakes off and getting a rear-view image of Neptune’s fogginess, you can expect some clarity to finally seep into what’s happening around the career and home edges of your Zodiac Lounge table. I would focus more on the home/family front first though. There may still be too much murkiness in the career sector to feel like you have a firm grasp on things. So if there have been some projects you’ve put off around your home, it’s a good time to move forward on them again.


#Heartstrings: I’m beginning to think that the reason why Gemini has garnered the title of being two-faced (or “two-faceded” from those who struggle with our language) may have NOTHING to do with how you treat others, per se, as much the speed at which you think and deal with things. For example, if you said you were going to an outdoor concert with a friend, it’s quite possible that you could look up whether there were tickets available and the possibility of rain before your friend has gotten a chance to look anything up. So when you suggest something else to your friend (cuz it’s going to rain and there are no tickets), she might see you as fickle because of the speed at which you made decisions. If they don’t want to change plans, then you look like the bad guy…cuz you have sense. #Sigh. Take things like this in stride. This might be more of an issue for you at the top of the week with the standoff between the Sun and Saturn about the right way to “manage” friendships and pleasure.

#MoneyMoves: The Moon holds the purse strings for the Gemini table at the Zodiac Lounge and one of the first things she does is head into the foggy territory of Pisces at the top of the week.  This testifies to your money (and sense about money) being extra funny, so don’t make any big career/money choices. In fact, it might be hard for you to make serious plans for fun at the top of the week, because you’re likely to be more concerned about grindin’ than being grounded in your joy or generosity.  Don’t get too caught up with that though as you’ll have a change of heart and lighten up.