Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

#MeTime: With the Mercury-Uranus hook up kicking off the week for you, my big wish this week isn’t for you as much as everyone around you. I wish them all hyperdrives or warpdrives for their brains and bodies to keep up with you.  For over a year, I’ve been thinking of making a sign to put in offices and cubicles of Geminis everywhere that say something like this: “I’m a Gemini. Unless you’re one too, I need bullet points when you speak or for you to speak faster without them. It’s not personal. Have a nice day.” Of course, it’s obnoxious, but it may convey exactly how you feel this week.  If only you could fast-forward people like you do your DV-R, but you alas you can’t. So get people to write you as much as you can since you might not have the patience to wade through 3 minutes of info that could be said in 5 seconds.


#Heartstrings: Many Geminis I know are very good at banter. You might find yourself having a ball with friends and significant others who are into that; but if someone is in a more sensitive and raw space, as may be the case toward the middle of the week, someone could misread your best of intentions (and worse, not get your humor!). If you’re a duo, it’s a great time to chat, chew, and travel together. If you’re rolling solo, you might be better off sparking off new convos w/ new folks, if the old banter-loving folks aren’t available.  Plan for the most fun on Saturday and Sunday.

#MoneyMoves: You could make some brilliant connections with friends and associates now that could solve some personal or professional problems for you. Or you could be part of or form a team that solves a group problem in a very creative or lively way. You’re also seeking to consolidate your understanding of an issue or problem that’s been on your mind for a while. Your collaboration on a separate issue may help you think of a solution for that as well.  Geminis benefit and have fun with indirection and even misdirection.  Some of your best moments happen when you’re looking elsewhere from where “you should.” Might as well be productive on two projects at once, even unwittingly.