Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

In much of Islamic thought, what’s seen as evil is pretty much reduced to the whispers and whisperers around you, like when you were a kid in the bed at night and the whispers in your head said the long shadow of a rocking chair was a horned beast instead.  Sounds pretty silly now, right? Well, imagine in a few weeks that some of the fears and doubts that swirl around in your head may sound just as silly. And all of the whispers won’t be as lucky to be in your head. You may have some folks who won’t have much faith in some of your aspirations moving forward, personal or professional. Dismiss the doubts that foil your intentions, but heed whatever thoughts allow you to reconsider how you make things happen. Every snafu ain’t a full-stop. Welcome them as feedback to make corrections, especially toward the end of week. 

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