Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: At the top of the week, you might be a little sensitive and restless as the moon does the bump with Mars; but as time rolls on, you mellow out enough so that no one has to walk on eggshells around you or feel like they have to operate at super-speed to keep up with you. In fact, slowing down a bit will feel good for you because it will allow you to notice connections and new interests that you may overlooked last week. Then you were more focused on getting more done than thinking about what you’ve done or might do. It’s time to look forward and onward.


#Heartstrings: It’s no big whoop for you to give someone the “benefit of the doubt.” In fact, you’re so generous that you could give someone five or six doubts in a couple of sentences and entertain them all as possible and true.  It’s probably also fun, but at some point everyone has to stick to what’s true or even most likely true when it’s not clear. It’s good to entertain possibilities, but doubt is about openness to contrast with what seems obvious (but isn’t). Be sure that you’re staying as responsible to the truth about facts in your relationships as you are ready to give the benefit of the doubt.

#MoneyMoves: Some people fall in love with new or old friends like they say they fall in love with their phones or tablets these days.  Many people look at that as kind of superficial and perhaps it is on some level. But it really is a mix of fun and usefulness that can make one love your friends like your phone. And those two things are important, dammit! (Who wants friends who aren’t useful or fun?) But you may be reminded of one critical difference of depth though.  Some people we like for purely irrational reasons and there are some people who you’ll never be able to quite figure out why you’re connected or friends. (People seem more rational about their phones.) You may re-discover a friend who is a treasure like that. This friend or set of friends/associates may be who can direct you to other worldly treasures, but you have to be open to that person neither being particularly fun or apparently useful at first.