Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

There’s nothing like a new moon, as is the case on Wednesday, to reset priorities and intentions for the balance of the year.  One of the fun ways to do this would be to write a mission statement.  But don’t go corporate on me, Gemini, even if that’s your day job. Keep it fun…and truthful.  Here are some real ones, but allow me to provide an example, as inspired by the new moon in Aries and Mercury, your patron planet, entering Aries on Saturday night:  “To be fearlessly curious on my own terms and to keep sundry family members, friends and attentive-enough strangers open to new possibilities if only so we all won’t die of boredom and lazy thinking.” I’m sure you can do better. Although mine is merely an example, I still might encourage you to keep an eye open for new possibilities too. 

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