Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: At your table of the Zodiac Lounge, Mars, Venus and Neptune quibble about the direction and quality of your life. It’s definitely a real challenge for you because at some level you may not feel like you can decipher the message they’re attempting to relay…and that’s okay.  The message isn’t clear, but the feeling is and that’s what may be both tantalizingly new to you and frustratingly useless.  You’re being called to feel passionately, though you may not know about what first.  It’s okay if all you know is that you’re not feeling where you are, and not what you’re supposed to feel. The road to joy begins with the intention to have it first, not just with the thing that gives you joy.


#Heartstrings: There’s some stirring in your intimate relationships that has the same annoying, low-grade buzz of a fly or mosquito in your relationships now.  You may need to find some time away from significant others, because you may feel a desire to change some aspect of your dynamic with someone without being able to identify how or why.  If this sounds like yet another thing to make you sound “Gemini crazy” (a myth, I assure you), don’t sweat it. Whether you’re solo or duo (or trio), this is a good time to claim some time for yourself and discover where that buzz is coming from.

#MoneyMoves: That little trio of Mars, Venus and Neptune sounds like a mini-vacuum cleaner in your pocketbook that could suck out your petty/extra cash for some stuff you thought you needed.  It might be better to hobble together the little extra cash you got lying around for something we can call your “dream” jar. Let’s go with the intention to add to this “dream” jar until Venus gets out of Gemini in July.   You’re not putting money in for a big dream, necessarily.  (I told you that it was a mini vacuum cleaner.)  It could be for one building block of your dream, like an initial deposit for a business account for a new business you want to start or to purchase a netbook for writing your novel.