Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: Yay, it’s your turn! Time for May flowers, better weather…and eclipses! Life ain’t been on crystal stair for you over the last year as your sign has been on the tail end of some big eclipses. This past Sunday’s solar eclipse and then one more two weeks from now will be the last ones to directly affect your sign for awhile. (Whew!) But the changes that you’ve been sensing, rehearsing and perhaps avoiding will start to manifest over the next few months. Now is the time when the training wheels come off and the cosmos pushes you along. Don’t worry: from the look of things, it doesn’t look like you get pushed down a hill, so it won’t be too fast of a start.


#Heartstrings: There’s a lot happening on the Gemini side of the Zodiac Lounge, so much so that you might feel tired and your party is only getting started.  Your “year” kicks off with an eclipse and Venus retrograding in your sign. Smh. You may not feel up for a lot with folks right now and you shouldn’t let that alarm you.  If you push yourself to be social or accommodating, you may feel like you’re being insincere. That’s what’s going to tire you out the most—the resistance to letting people know what you really think. If you can’t be around people who are 100% comfortable with your moodiness and direct mode of operations, then it’s okay to pull back. Use the holiday weekend to gather your tattered strength and focus. You’ll feel more on point next week.

#MoneyMoves: Moodiness probably should be listed as an occupational hazard, if it isn’t already. The industrial/corporate world’s answer to “moodiness” was “professionalism,” since the word itself apparently didn’t come into general usage until 1856.  With professionalism, you’re supposed to be a model ________ (whatever) at all times. This rarely happens, yet we all aspire toward this. The problem is that “professionalism” can be like vanilla frosting on a doo-doo cake, and you’re just not down for baking any cakes this week. Make allowance for your moods this week with professionalism rather than making your moods submit to professionalism. When a colleague sends the same dumb memo for the thousandth time this month, let professionalism be your muse, not your master.  “A thousand thanks for your memos, So-and-So. Looking forward to contributing something new,” for example.