Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: This week Mercury and Venus end up in an arrangement that astrologers call “Mutual Reception.” One way of thinking about this would be that these two planets are at the desk of the other, but can access a computer network to retrieve their own respective files though they’ve swapped stations.  In real world speak, you may find that you have a clearer sense of what those vague premonitions from last week were about, as you now  have two planets on the case instead of one. It also suggests that your ability to make yourself at home even when you’re “dislocated” a little easier than usual.


#Heartstrings: Your knack for “getting it” and “getting people” may seem to go to a whole new level now, almost to the point of feeling psychic. I guess I’ve been on that theme with you for a few weeks now.  However, your tendency, when you just get things, is to want to move on to the next thing or bypass the tedium of listening to people explain things that you already “got.” That’s where you could run into problems this week. It might be hard to let people sit with their feelings as long as they would like, but that’s just what you may have to do to keep the peace. In fact, you might apply some of that to your own feelings.  Don’t be in a rush to get where you have to go with your thoughts, even though you might know exactly where you’re going. Enjoy what’s on your to-do list as much as enjoy checking things off of it.

#MoneyMoves: If I were a meteorologist, which actually was a form of astrology at one time, I would say that your career is having some cloudy skies right now, even with some chances of thunder and rain. But the chances of a storm are not as high as those clouds would have you think. Let me tell you straight out that the threat of disaster or calamity is way larger than the actual change that may happen. You are getting ready for bigger moves that will extend through to 2013, starting next month. However, some things have to dissipate and some bubbles must burst before you can really move forward to where you have to go.  This is more what’s happening now. It’s not the worst moving in. It’s the storm clouds passing on.