Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

You must feel it: the change coming.  It’s probably not grand and perhaps I’m making this closing month of spring more dramatic than it really is.  But all the planets have it looking like an important thing for you. It’s moments like this when you can see things more as they are, as they’re in flux, about to change…or end. The sweetness in moments like this is that there can be appreciation for what’s receding away from you and simultaneously an excitement for what’s new ahead.  The temptations are dwelling on regret, guilt, fear about what lies ahead or wanting to see people and circumstances as so much more than you know they are now.  There’s a lot of pleasure to be had this week, Gemini.  Enjoy it without yielding to one of those temptations to shield you from the pleasure. There’s more than enough time to get ready for what’s next.

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