Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: I’m sure you’ve heard the saying a thousand times by now that “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”  Somehow people saying or writing it think that it makes people who have to take a thousand mile journey feel better.  Perhaps because they’ve also taken a thousand mile journey.  The crazy thing is nothing seems to help to take that thousand mile journey when you could just as easily stay home. Or when you can’t tell the difference in feeling between the first step and imagining how you might feel at that thousandth step.  If you feel like that, then I’m not going to say that BS to you. I’ll start at a different spot: a single step in a journey of a thousand miles starts with a stubborn thought that has come a thousand times over.  You might as well shut it up.


#Heartstrings: You’re more inclined to take two steps back for every step forward that a a friend or significant other takes to force your hand on an issue or some kind of decision. It’s not every day that people get to see you be so obstinate, but it happens. It’s even more likely to happen when you find it hard to reasonably figure something out on your own without someone breathing heavy down your neck.  A possible solution would be for you to focus on something else, agreeing to table a need for a decision or action until toward the weekend. A “third” focus would give you the space to get out of reactionary mode while also giving you some mindspace to think and come to a decision that feels more authentic for you.

#MoneyMoves: Momentum is an awesome thing depending on where your center of gravity is in your body when it comes.  If it’s all in your head, you could fall forward; if it’s toward or around your diaphragm, you’re more likely to move without falling.  That’s almost a metaphor, because this week, momentum could literally topple you forward, especially in your career/job arena if you come too much from your head instead of gut.  How you move forward is most important, not whether you move forward. And moving forward means doing something, even if you’re wrong, initially.  Next week is a “partner” lunar eclipse for the solar eclipse two weeks ago. It will bring more into full relief what started as vague impulses from that time. But you can’t wait for next week. Full doesn’t start off full; it’s gotta get to half first. So no half-steppin’ to get to the halfway point, ok?  The cosmos is likely on hand to help the rest of the way.