Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

This solar eclipse (a new Taurus moon) will require patience of you, for the most part.  Everything is not what it appears to be.  Some things (and situations with people) are in flux, so you may have to wait until the dust settles to know what you’re looking at. Other situations are just straight up smokescreens, brimming with deceit and efforts to pull the wool over your eyes. Only you can see ‘em a mile away.  Smaller assortment of situations will be a mess.  You want to avoid those and have a guide on how to spot and sidekick those.  Here’s a brief guide: (1) when you explain the situation to someone else, it doesn’t make sense, though it seems to make sense in your head. (2) Seems almost impossible to say clearly what all parties involved want in a sentence. (3) It stresses you out. That’s the key thing, by the way.

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