Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: The Sun’s hook up with Jupiter this week may bring a touch of the power of prophesy to you. But before you hang your Nostradamus shingle out to the public, let me tell you that your gifts, if they’re not consistently your talent, are extremely limited.  You can’t predict the lottery numbers for your closest friends & family, or the US presidential election, per se, as much as you have only a fuzzy sense for how things may play out before they do, like the guy who’s about to cut you off before you turn off the highway or this new project you’ve just started could be more important than you originally suspected. It’s almost like you have a bionic inner eye, not a crystal ball, unfortunately.


#Heartstrings: This week continues to prompt you to think about your expectations of others. Gemini Alexander Pope said that “hope springs eternal,” but you may feel more threatened by some of your hopes having eternal life than comforted.  For instance, many don’t understand that you’re often adaptable because you hope far too often that the world will one day make more sense.  You might have challenges with that this week. If you have a romantic partner, she or he may be making some decisions about his/her career that don’t make sense to you.  But there’s a lesson in that. You might be holding too tightly to your own conception of what should make sense. If you’re flying solo, you might find certain decisions made by those around you at work to be baffling and may prompt you to revisit the issues (and solutions) you had about work earlier this year.

#MoneyMoves: Scientists have been confirming what many old folks have known for centuries: the “winds of change” is a real thing.  Animals can, in fact, sense from the wind when something major is about to go down. You too are sensing the winds of change, though your rational mind is trying to pinpoint how to wrap your mind around it.  You’ve been here before, actually. (I don’t mean in the multiple lifetime sense, but more since the beginning of this year.)  This time is gonna be slightly different, though. Last was the call for “Places!” Now the show is about to start and you have roughly a month before some actual decisions will have to be made.  It’s the time to pay attention to the irrational factors that make it clear that you have to make some changes with work too, like having a strange dream that you’re at a big feast, like a wedding banquet, and there’s no silverware or utensils.  (A very clear symbolic indicator that you ain’t being served by the way.)