Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: This week Jupiter rolls into your sign, much like “Daddy Rich” rolls into the “Car Wash.” He parks out there for a whole year, prompting you to develop and expand in ways that may feel uncomfortable, but, ultimately, to make you a better Gemini.  The surge might be a bit overwhelming, prompting you to feel a little giddy, gassy and the urge to run in 5 different directions at once (rather than your usual 3.) This isn’t sustainable, though you might feel like it is in the moment.  Part of the gift of being Gemini is your ability to take the little things and connect them to other things that we wouldn’t think of.  If you attempt to do too much of that, you could end up looking like an old-fashioned switchboard operator who straps herself down with her own wires.  Uh, don’t do that.


#Heartstrings: This week could find you being a little more on the touchy end of the spectrum now that your patron planet has gone deeper into feely Cancer.  With all this Gemini air coming in from three other planets, you might have some separation anxiety, much like when you suddenly find yourself in a room of crowded people after being close with only one other person. It looks like the way to the other side of that is by reaching out to a close friend/family member/or lover when you feel overwhelmed, but only when you really feel you can’t take it anymore.  But be careful not to “bite” the hand that feels you though. You might fear that close ones won’t be there when you need them most, so you’d rather alienate them first than not have them let you down. This isn’t a winnable strategy as it will ultimately leave you feeling more alone.

#MoneyMoves: Well, if you’re going to properly receive Jupiter into your zodiacal house, then you’re going have to make room. (He’s a big guy and likes to be generous.) This means it’s time to purge out some of the mental, monetary, and material clutter you’ve had in your life. However, this isn’t something you’re likely to act on quickly, so you might want to take the next couple of weeks to mentally prepare, analyze and itemize the things you want to get rid of.  By the next new moon, you’ll feel better prepared to act.