Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

Okay, we have a full moon on deck at the end of the week. Although it’s a full moon in Cancer instead of your sign, it’s now time to prepare that area or thing in your life that you want to sacrifice in order to become more whole.  You don’t have to become literal about this. Sometimes the easiest thing to identify and then sacrifice is a specific fear that’s holding you back, like the fear of looking silly in front of your friends when you really want to do something, like ride a skateboard at 40. Another thing that people frequently must sacrifice in order to change or transform is control. Quiet as it’s kept, Geminis can have a lot of control issues. Y’all can deal with conflict if you must, but chaos is rarely what you want. However, just because something gets out of your control doesn’t mean that it will morph into chaos either.

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