Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

Sometimes when you sacrifice something important in your life, it can do a few unexpected things: it can make life so much more beautiful and meaningful; or fearful that you may have to sacrifice more, making you a little more protective of further losses.  Last week I talked about sacrificing a fear, so it might be hard to imagine having “precious” fears. But we all, indeed, do have them from time to time. For instance, I once knew someone who was afraid to go on interviews for jobs.  She got over that, because her father just made her go to them without any expectations about getting the job itself.  Once she got job, though, then she got another fear/anxiety about not doing the job well and losing it. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize what she had actually sacrificed: holding too tightly to expectations. Lose the fear, but don’t lose the real lesson though.

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