Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: Modern retellings of myths and fables are funny because they often leave out aspects of the story that would complicate the ending or make it less of a happy ending.  There are many ancient stories about genies other than the one from “Aladdin’s Lamp.”  Genies come from a class of beings called Djinns who are neither human nor wholly angelic, but wield great magical power. However, Djinns can be tricksters as well, playing with the cracks that open up between desires expressed and the clumsiness of the language we use to express them, like what happened to King “Let everything I touch turn to gold” Midas.  I’m sure you’re not surprised that the word genie & djinn both relate, in root, to the word “genius” as well. (Cuz you’re quick like that) So here’s the caution: Be clear on your desires now and what you’re asking of your Gemini genius now.  Your spirit is more than willing to meet you halfway if you’re open to thinking clearly about the first half.


#Heartstrings: Now that Venus is straightening herself out this week, you’ll have two planets called benefics, with the other one being Jupiter, who’ll be able to ramp up your attraction action.  These two planets will add a little more grace and charm to the mix now and just in the nick of time, too. You’re feeling a little more fixated on taking a stand and not backing down from your perceived losses. Keyword: perceive! Be sure you’re not ready to go “toe to toe” with someone about something you see as a power play rather something you know is a powerplay. Regardless, err on the side of grace and charm first.

#MoneyMoves: You have at least two options to manage the undercurrent of stress and tension that you may feel this week. We’ll get to what’s causing the tension in just a second. You could step up your networking game, focusing on those contacts and people who keep you juiced up and inspired.  The other option is to focus on more right brained endeavors to stimulate some of the grittier details for how to go forward now, like mind-mapping, drawing or painting.  The likely the source of the tension you’re experiencing is that you don’t know how things are going to go down now.  It’s fair enough to admit that you don’t always know how things are going to move forward, so this stage shouldn’t be no big whoop. But somehow I sense this is different for you, if not in scale, in feel. Perhaps you have to step out there more with more faith than usual, because the “data” you usually rely on has to come more from within than what you can detail or analyze from without.