Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

There’s so much going on, just like you like it. Sort of.  Of course, Mercury retrogrades always give y’all some pause. I don’t think it should, though. I know with all the sacrificing and change afoot recently, you feel raw or vulnerable even.  So it can’t sound sexy, cute or great to know your patron, Mercury, is spinning the wrong way.  Here’s where you might be thinking the wrong way, however. Mercury retrogrades get you to revisit what you think you got down pat. This also could be a cosmic mercy for you too. You get to have some space and time to catch your breath now, rather than everything proceeding according to normal.  So though you’re a little thrown off, there’s a good chance that other people are too. Spare yourself the frustration of trying to keep it all tight when things aren’t.

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