Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

With Mercury straightening up on Saturday and flying right, you might get a little excited, perhaps cocky. And that’s when the fit could hit the shan. Take it easy this week. It’s not so much that you’ll have problems with communication devices, but you may find that communication is off because of how people misread your motivations or don’t seem to know you as well as you thought, even family or long-known friends. I think that mixed signal is coming in from Uranus going retrograde on Wednesday. My take is that you have gotten “new,” but not in a bad way. You’ve released some gunk and so there’s a little more potency coming out of you, but others haven’t done that yet. So, per the usual, they have to catch up. They’re not only thinking with their old thoughts, but their old conceptions of you.


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