Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime:  Mercury’s backtracking promises some important re-discoveries for you. It probably won’t seem like it at first, because retrogrades make children of Mercury nervous usually. (Unnecessarily so, I think.) Pay attention to actions or events that look like mistakes at first.  They could loosen some ideas and notions that have gotten rigid over the last month. Now, however, you might have some better insight on situations that you didn’t quite understand. Your patron planet gets into harmony with the genius Uranus to funnel in some ideas and insights that won’t ring true like this until the end of the year.  So, keep a notebook handy.


#Heartstrings: Leo season is pretty complimentary to Gemini.  This could be a time that draws more of your liveliness and fun out of you. Although you’re going for gold on the career front, you’ll feel more than game for some sassy and saucy distractions now, from new or even old love interests. (You can thank Mercury Retrograde for that.)  Be careful with former love interests though. They may want more from you than you’re prepared to give. Keep it clear, slow and light.

#MoneyMoves: Having the new moon in your financial sector last week was a good set-up for the momentum of a 1st quarter moon this week. The 1st quarter creates what’s called a “crisis of action,” a time to make moves and secure the intentions you had from last week.  This allows for a sturdier sense of vision and perceptiveness of how you can build the future you want. Don’t let the details trip you up.  You have to have some faith that how things will go down will come in the “by and by.” You can’t figure out every little detail beforehand.