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Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

If last week were about fitting into new shoes, then this week is about breaking them in. You’re going to have to break a sweat somehow and make a big move.  Of course, big is relative, so it depends on what you’ve wanted to set in motion and where you’ve met resistance in the last week to get things off the ground. I see a big break for you around Wednesday, hump day, and a day traditionally reserved for honoring Mercury, your sign’s patron. And then be prepared for a Quiet to settle in. This Quiet could deliver itself as a peace offering from all the chatter in your head from actually taking a significant step. (Congratulations!) But don’t get unnerved if the Quiet is not hearing anything at all or seeing immediate results from your efforts. Regardless, have some fun toward the bottom half of the week.

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