Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime:  This is the last full week that Venus will be in Gemini after her four-month stint in your sign. But before she moves on to Cancer, she will most likely deliver some reminders for you to do some upkeep with your appearance. This could range from something as a different style of haircut to a new wardrobe. What’s key is that you use her natural powers of attraction to look attractive in a way that makes you feel good.


#Heartstrings: As Venus prepares to move on and your patron Mercury starts to straighten up and fly right next week, you may be able to repair some of the disconnections you’ve experienced with people over the last month or perhaps beyond.  Overall, you’re likely to feel more generous and energized now, and it helps to have a full moon to draw some love of adventure and curiosity out of you. You’re not letting too much stick to you now and that probably feels A-Okay with you.  Others may pick up on that and feel better able to let their stuff go too.

#MoneyMoves: The full moon puts a spotlight on your ability to see the big picture now and to get perspective on what’s happening in your immediate environment. That’s one of the benefits of having goals and plans that range from 1 week to 5 years.  When you’re doing things day to day, it’s easy to get caught up in the hub-bub of what’s necessary only in the moment.  Although Venus is about to move on from your sign, you still have Big Daddy Cadillac Jupiter still there for almost another year. With him there, you’re hearing the call to expand out of your comfort zone and reach for your dreams. So think big and know that nothing is as random as it seems.