Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

A few important things happen this week, including with your patron, Mercury. Of course, you know he’s retrograde now, and often y’all are sensitive to what that means for your communications and the modes by which you do it. The simple solution is usually to slow your roll and double check things.  But the less known fact about Mercury retrograde is when Mercury disappears into the heart of the Sun at what’s called an “inferior conjunction.” Before you start catching feelings at the word “inferior,” this doesn’t mean your patron’s inferior as much as it is a temporary disappearance of your inferior or lower self. I think having that happen at a new moon along with Saturn straightening up and flying right is a big deal. It’s a cosmic green light to acknowledge that your sacrifice(s) have not been in vain and that you’re ready to move ahead with deeper tread marks toward your higher self and highest aspirations. 

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