Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime:  “Be prepared” is more than just a motto for the Boy Scouts.  It’s the theme for this week, though it might be better to know what to be prepared for. Welp, I can’t spell that out in lucid detail for all the millions of Geminis there are in the world. It’s just not humanly possible. However, I can tell you that you should caress gently any and all plans that you have at the top and end of the week as they’re a little more subject to volatility and surprises than any plans in the middle.  Stay alert and don’t expect anything to run on automatic, because that’s when things may likely go wrong.


#Heartstrings: You’ll need less of that feisty spirit from last week now to keep a clear head about things. On Friday, Uranus, the planet that helps us appreciate the genius of the moment, goes retrograde, and the very next day, Mercury, your patron planet and what helps us connect the dots in thought, word, and deed, does the same. In other words, it may be hard to know who’s moving forward with you or whether you’re moving forward at all. The more you insist on things going a certain way, the less likely it will or the more resistance someone will give you.  You’ll definitely need to more patience on tap.

#MoneyMoves: Fittingly, on Bastille day (this Saturday), Mercury goes retrograde AND the moon comes home to Gemini for you.  It’s as if the Cosmos has decided to give you somewhat of a pass, so you can catch your breath.  It’s a reset day and a day for you to make an intention to take greater hold of the helm of your career with some mental muscle and get it on a course.  (Worry later about whether it’s the right course.)  More of this muscle will surface next week. But for now, make the commitment to getting back on track by slowing down, especially toward the end of the week, without too much pressure to have to do a lot of running around.