Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

One of the wisest lessons we learn about progress and its tricks happens in high school. I know, I know: high school was either a total bore for you or it was sooo much fun because you could do hilarious stuff with your friends while school was in session…or during class even. Nevertheless, high school is generally first time when during your second year you’re called a sophomore, literally translated from Greek, as a “wise fool.” Last week, you might have felt you were getting things together, boldly being all honeybadger bad ass.  That’s deep because just when you think you’ve transcended being new and feel like you have a grasp on things, you’re really just a wise idiot. It’s not that bad, though. You really did make some gains last week, but you can’t get too cocky and you can’t lose sight of your grounding, all because you feel “you got this.”

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