Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime:  Mercury moves forward in “solid gold” Leo on Wednesday. This means the shine is on how you connect and communicate with others. You take a good measure of pride in how you connect in general, so that’s probably the thing to watch out for most—your pride.  In traditional dramatic tragedies, the price to pay for the too proud hero was usually blindness.  That’s metaphorically apt for what could happen to you now.  You may not catch the obvious, because you get so caught up in how clever, succinct and good you are. Remember to see your gifts to communicate as a service raise others up, not as a prize to stand over others.


#Heartstrings: With Mercury getting solid ground under his feet again after Wednesday, you’re likely to find that this is a “damage control” week, most likely centered around people’s damaged egos rather missed or mixed signals.  My recommendation is not to let your ego get in the way, because your mind and spirit move on so relatively quickly that you won’t get stuck on BS long enough to care too much.  I wouldn’t force anything as you may not necessarily be in the cheeriest of moods at the top of the week, especially as Venus ebbs into “emo” Cancer on Tuesday. But once the moon moves in Gemini on Friday, you can expect to feel more “right as rain.”

#MoneyMoves:  The very good news about Venus going into Cancer is that she lands up in the key Money room of the Zodiac Lounge for you.  Venus is one of the best moneymakers of all the planets, so her move is bound to heighten your interest in making money and ramp up your ability to draw it to you.  The one down side to Venus partying in this section of the Zodiac Lounge is that she likes lots of bling and gets extravagant. If you naturally avoid that impulse, you won’t have any problems. But definitely watch your spending.