Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

The Cosmos has blessed you with the gift of randomness. I know that’s not listed in any holy books I’ve read as one of the fruits of the Spirit or fabled spiritual powers of sadhus, prophets or saints. This must be because too many of us have to learn what your randomness is really about (if lamentably some of y’all don’t know.)  Doodling, random musings, Freudian slips, misspeaks and “accidents” are all to be given extra attention this week because you may find deeper moments of brilliance there, especially once you do the thing that randomness needs most:  draw a connection.  Randomness might be defined as the things we haven’t connected yet.  You might have a better chance of making a few good connections after the full moon on Thursday. So don’t discount or discredit much of anything until after that. Allow yourself to entertain as much as you can in the lobby of your mind.

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