Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)
“What you resist, persists” according to one New Agey saying I’ve heard. I suppose it’s a parallel, of sorts, to “energy flows where attention goes.” I can’t say that both are always true, but I can say they hold a lot of truth for you this week. It all depends on your desired intentions. If you want someone to go away from your life, then you’re damming up energy for their quick departure if you obsess about being rid of them.  You’d have to envision your life more with them already gone than focusing on them leaving. Interestingly, the converse is true too. If you want someone to stay, then the energy has to center around him or her being there rather than “staying.”  It means that you have to keep dualistic thinking at bay if you want singular and clear results. That’s the hard part because you like to entertain all options. This week ain’t for that.

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